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It’s Time for You To 


Trust-Enabled Technology

Engineered to drive professional networking and career development through cutting-edge technology.


Harnessing the power of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to provide secure, verifiable digital representations of your achievements.

Career NFTs

Revolutionizing how you showcase your professional achievements. Each of your accomplishments, from certifications to career milestones, is minted as a unique, verifiable NFT.


Ensuring authenticity and security, providing a trusted record of your professional journey. As you progress, your NFTs gain value, reflecting your growing expertise and contributions.

IMPRESSO: It's who you know more than what you know

A New Way Of Networking

MOCA tokens are designed to supercharge your professional growth by rewarding meaningful engagement and achievements. As you participate in networking events, validate your credentials, and contribute to the community, you earn MOCA tokens.


Use MOCA to unlock premium features, gain access to exclusive events, and enhance your career opportunities.

IMPRESSO: Blockchain nodes for recruitment agencies


Seamless User Experience

We've developed an app that incorporates the benefits of Web3 and Blockchain's trust and security with ease of use. So everyone without having to deal with the complex knowledge and challenging use of decentralized applications (DApp).

IMPRESSO: Made for Professional Graduates


Career and educational validation made easy, fast and effective. Understanding the needs of different industries we layer and add required levels of authenticity based on scenario specifications.


Like your crypto wallet or bank account your Professional accomplishments and networking map are accessible in real-time. And sharable with confidentiality and privacy in mind. Allow different levels of visibility to different people you want to share with.

IMPRESSO: Securely share your career information without worries

Your Reach

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Connecting startups provides invaluable opportunities for internships, mentorships and collaborative projects.


A powerful platform to stay connected with their alma mater and benefit from a robust professional network.


Source fresh ideas, energy and cutting-edge skills through internships and part-time roles.


a unique and efficient platform to identify and connect with top talent.


IMPRESSO: Trust, Secure and Reliable

A Career Innovation

Safe & Secure Sharing Of Resume / CV

ESSO tokens are at the heart of our innovative professional networking platform. Designed to incentivize and reward your career growth, ESSO tokens are earned through validating your achievements, engaging in professional activities, and building meaningful connections.


ESSO not only allows the world to recognize your accomplishments but also fuels your journey towards greater career success.

IMPRESSO: Trust, Secure and Reliable

Live Access To High Valued Professionals

Recruiters connect to a larger pool of candidates with verified credentials, ensuring authenticity. Streamlines the hiring process to be quicker and increases the chances of candidates being hired.

IMPRESSO's Book of Secrets innovation allows for live and on-time access to updated career history and skills.

IMPRESSO: Made for all professionals in all industries

The Career NFT

IMPRESSO: Your Networking NFT for career growth

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