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Improving How We Look Online and Grow Our Careers  


To Be The First App
For Those Starting Out

IMPRESSO: Your Professional Resume and CV

Empowering Graduates in a Dynamic Job Market


Our mission is to empower fresh and emerging graduates by connecting them with the right people, validating their achievements, and navigating the ever-changing job market.

We aim to ensure their credentials are verified, their achievements recognized, and they are prepared to meet the challenges of a dynamic professional landscape influenced by technological advancements, including GenAI.

Objectives For Excellence

IMPRESSO: Be a real professional online


Building Professional Networks

Facilitate meaningful connections between graduates, industry professionals, and startups to build a robust professional network.


Meet the Founders

Engineers devoted to simplicity and authentic innovation. At the heart of our mission is the desire to enhance career connections through secure, blockchain-verified interactions, all within the relaxed settings of your favorite cafes.


We're not about grand statements—just real solutions that foster meaningful career growth and networking over coffee. Join us on this grounded journey to redefine professional networking.



Orchestrator of order, ensuring our coffee mugs and projects are always full.

IMPRESSO: Networking and Career NFT



Commander of chaos, turning bold ideas and caffeine into strategic success.

IMPRESSO: Career NFTs and Networking

Stark LIEW


Gadget guru, I brew up cutting-edge technologies as often as I brew my coffee.

IMPRESSO: Career NFTs and Networking

Hoi Ling SIM


Crafter of pixels and experiences, I stir creativity into every design like sugar into coffee.

IMPRESSO: Networking and Career NFTs


IMPRESSO in the News

We have come a long way and haev rebuild our solutions based on community feedback.

New NFT Launch
Coming Soon

Le Temp

Tribune de Genève


Startup Ticker Switzerland

IMPRESSO: Real Professional Identity


Ensuring Credential Authenticity

Verify and validate academic and professional achievements using secure blockchain technology, ensuring authenticity and trust.

IMPRESSO: Job Ads for real professionals


Enhancing Employability​

Provide tools and resources that enhance employability and support career growth.

IMPRESSO: Supporting Entreprenuers


Fostering Innovation and Community

Foster innovation and adaptability among graduates, preparing them for a dynamic job market, and create a sustainable professional community where they can continuously learn, grow, and support each other.

For over three years, we have been building IMPRESSO with unwavering dedication.

Our relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation drives us every day.


We are committed to creating a platform so essential that even our kids will one day recognize its value and necessity.

We won't stop until IMPRESSO is an indispensable tool for professionals everywhere.

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