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Your Career Wallet

Welcome to IMPRESSO’s Book of Secrets, your secure vault for storing and verifying all your personal and professional achievements. With blockchain technology and NFTs, ensure your credentials are trusted and easily accessible.


Book of Secrets

“ Book of Secrets | IMPRESSO - Securely Store Verified Identity, Education, and Career Achievements ”

Professional Identity Verification

Secure Storage: Safeguard your personal identification details with blockchain security.


Trust and Authenticity: Validate your identity for employers and professional networks.

IMPRESSO: Earn networking crypto as you connect

Educational Credentials

Verified Degrees and Certificates: Store and share your educational qualifications securely.

Accessibility: Access your verified credentials anytime, anywhere.

IMPRESSO: Supporting emerging graduates

Career Accomplishments

Work History: Record and verify your complete employment history.

Professional Achievements: Highlight key accomplishments and milestones in your career.

IMPRESSO: Get crypto rewards for real identity and connections

Skill Certifications

Skill Verification: Add and verify your skill certifications to enhance your professional profile.

Endorsements: Get endorsements from peers and industry experts.

IMPRESSO: Validate your skills and earn crypto rewards
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A Career Innovation

Join IMPRESSO today and start using the Book of Secrets to protect, verify, and showcase your personal and professional achievements. Secure your future with trusted, blockchain-verified credentials.


How It Works

" If you have used apps like LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Tinder, Facebook and many more, IMPRESSO is Super Easy to use. "

IMPRESSO: Made for Real Professional Networking


Don’t fall behind in the digital career race! Join IMPRESSO to transform your professional achievements into secure, blockchain-verified assets. Connect with top-tier professionals and unlock exclusive career opportunities that only our members can access. Seize the future of work today!


Ever wondered how to stand out in a crowded job market? With IMPRESSO, your accomplishments are minted as NFTs, ensuring your credentials are not only seen but valued. Join a network of forward-thinkers and elevate your professional identity. Don’t miss out—start with IMPRESSO now!”

IMPRESSO: Made for Career Growth  Professional Networking

The Career NFT

IMPRESSO: Professional NFTs for career and skill validation

Learn more about the Networking Game

Accomplish Anything with Your Career Crypto

Share your career secrets with only the ones that will help you grow your career. One single place that belongs to you.

Integrated Digital Profiles

Blockchain Technology: Utilize the power of blockchain to keep your data secure and tamper-proof.

NFTs for Credentials: Convert your achievements into NFTs for an immutable digital record.

IMPRESSO: Blockchain Apps made for Professionals

Enhanced Credibility: Make your profile more appealing to recruitment agencies with verified and trusted credentials.


Streamlined Verification: Simplify the verification process for recruitment agencies, making your profile stand out.

IMPRESSO: Your verified Resume and CV
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