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Three Beverages

Your Networking Coin

MOCA tokens are made for professionals who visit cafes.

Enhance your professional networking with MOCA tokens, IMPRESSO’s digital currency. Use MOCA tokens to access premium services, participate in exclusive events, and more. Simple, secure, and integral to the IMPRESSO experience, MOCA tokens drive your career forward, unlocking new opportunities for success.

Get your 1st Prof. Crypto in 3 minutes

Worry free about your secret keys

Earn crypto each time you play

IMPRESSO: Moca tokens for Professional Networking

Get crypto rewards when you share

Convert to any other coin

Use MOCA at your local cafe

Reinventing Networking

Expand your professional circle with MOCA tokens. Gain exclusive access to top-tier networking events and connect with industry leaders, leveraging IMPRESSO’s digital currency to forge valuable relationships that propel your career forward.

IMPRESSO: Face-to-Face Professional Networking. Earn Moca

Accelerate your career with MOCA. Use IMPRESSO’s digital currency to engage in professional development opportunities, and gain recognition in your field. MOCA tokens, a gateway to a thriving career, offering access to resources that help you stand out and succeed.




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