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NFT Your
Professional Profile

NFT your educational and career accomplishments. Your Career Identity Authenticator on the METAVERSE.

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NFT marketplace for verified career information. Job seekers can now safely store, promote and share their career information without worrying about privacy and confidentiality being compromised. 

Impeccable Quality

Recruiters and job seekers can collaborate safely and effectively. Higher quality candidates and faster hires. Attrition rates are reduced for companies by accurately matching true data with the right position.


NFT your digital profile to prove your identity on the Metaverse.

Community of Real Professionals

Send and take requests from other users in the Metaverse.

Consensus Verification

Use the Metaverse to keep your verified career data updated.

Access and Collaborate

Monetize your NFTCV on the IMPRESSO App.

Connecting Dots
" IMPRESSO is developing an innovative way to help talent find jobs at DAOs on Web3, and aims to showcase Proof-of-Talent via NFTs to combat today’s inadequate and old-fashioned practices of the traditional job search and recruitment. "

- Stark Liew


The Career Identity token for the Metaverse and the real world.

Earn $ESSO :

  • Download and sign up to the Impresso App.

  • Validate your career profile on the App.

  • Accept requests from other users in the App.

  • Provide liquidity to earn xxx% APR (Coming soon)

Use $ESSO :

  • Send requests to view profiles.

  • Get rewards from your NFTs.

  • Buy, sell and exchange NFTs on the (Coming Soon)

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Be Part Of The Recruiter's Nodes

Career Nodes, More Trust, More Candidates

Nodes are limited by region

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Career?

IMPRESSO Tells You Who Is Real !
Making personal and professional information safer, more secure, and private.

Made in Switzerland With Digital Trust.

(Security, Privacy and Confidentiality)

Join The IMPRESSO Node

If you are a recruiter who understands that the recruitment industry is evolving at a much faster rate than before with technological advancements like blockchain and web 3.0.

You are passionate about building a more trusted and safer selection of professional candidates. Contact us to apply to become a Node.

Nodes are limited by region

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SMART Career Profiles

The first Professional Networking and Careers NFT Profile.

IMPRESSO is joining the Metaverse @cronos chain.

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Made in Switzerland.

With Crypto Blood, Lots of Coffee and Cheese.

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