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There are always opportunities for talented people to join our epic team

Community Developer

Switzerland or Remote / Marketing / Branding / Full-time / Part-time

IMPRESSO is the first decentralized careers and recruitment market place for verified professionals.


The IMPRESSO team is a major contributor to the Career and Recruitment industry making it safer, faster, and more effective. Job seekers and Professional Networkers can now earn crypto as they look and network for a new job. Recruiters have access to verified career information to make better and higher quality informed decisions for their clients. IMPRESSO now focuses on building and making our product better and to grow and support the IMPRESSO ecosystem. IMPRESSO is most impactful in securing verified career data privacy and confidentiality using latest technologies. We are headquartered in Switzerland with the option to be partially or fully remote depending on the position.


IMPRESSO is currently in over 130 countries with verified career professionals and growing. Our plans are to help professionals all around the world that are showcasing their CV / Resume today to have the opportunity to elevate their online profiles and become more successful in growing their careers and making being online safer.

This role will be a highly visible role in the organization and in the broader ecosystem. As our startup team is small but very visible to the world and our motives are increasingly more relevant to the world today our past team members have gone on to work for much bigger companies like Apple, HP and Google.


You will be joining a lean team, and this role will have a lot of autonomy-- you should be a self-starter and be capable of self-directed work. This role will be impactful to our ever-growing community - reinventing what a community is at the heart of the career and mobile app industry.

The IMPRESSO community eco-system are the first groups, that are inclusive of everyone from job seekers to recruiters. We’re looking for a Community Developer with a strong understanding of blockchain, crypto and community-building tools to support and engage with the IMPRESSO community. Background in the careers, recruitment or HR industry would be a big plus.

You will help with hiring and training new community team members. You should love community-building and have a knack for developing online relationships globally. You will be joining a lean team, and this role will have a lot of autonomy, you should be a self-starter and be capable of self-directed work. This role will be impactful to our ever-growing community, reinventing what a community in the careers industry is at the heart of crypto.


Most importantly, you should care deeply about the mission of helping the community grow their careers and for recruiters and businesses hiring the best candidates. And making professional networking safe, effective and always be thinking of creative ways to help spread the word.

Working Together
Casual Office Meeting


  • Understand IMPRESSO's tone and messaging and apply this by engaging with users on twitter and other social media platforms.

  • Deep technical understanding of IMPRESSO's mechanisms and ability to answer questions and speak to users and integration partners like recruiters and businesses.

  • Manage support requests.

  • Attend virtual and in person conferences and events and generally engage with the developer community around IMPRESSO.

  • Create fun community engagement programs, such as giveaways or virtual events.

  • Host a monthly IMPRESSO community call.

  • Manage our mailing list and create periodic newsletter updates. Including a weekly blog article.

  • Post daily on all our social media.

  • Develop new ways of engaging with our users and community. Including recruiters.

  • Work with the business development team to turn community engagement into active opportunities.

  • Thought leadership on issues in the careers and recruitment space via twitter and the IMPRESSO blog.



  • Marketing and branding in the mobile app space.

  • Experience working in community management in a crypto environment.

  • Speak reasonable good English.

  • Organizational skills.

  • Self-directed worker.

  • Ability to respond very quickly across all of our platforms.

  • Sense of humor and in good spirit.


Nice to have

  • Degree in marketing / branding / computer science / self-taught engineer

  • Active following on twitter

  • Existing relationships in the crypto space

  • Love crypto and the career industry.

Think you have what it takes?
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