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Hire Faster

(KYC - Know Your Candidates)

Recruiters shortlist candidates faster through

the automation of career verification.

  • 25% faster.

  • 3x more candidates.

  • Increases job matching by 50%

Young Job Seeker


Hire The Real Person, Not The CV.


 Verification as a Service

By authenticating key career information, job seekers become more employable.

Senior Job Seeker





Digital Referees


Salary Verification


Career Latest


College & University


Artificial Intelligence

Remove the need for old school phone calling or emailing to a candidate's reference. Saving time and improving quality.

Match potential candidates current or recent salary with your current offers. See compensation live while being legally compliant.

Working dates not what you expected, are time wasted and missed opportunities on better candidates. Always know exact work dates.

With AI and machine learning you get an accurate measure of certificate authenticity without having to check manually or use a third party service.

IMPRESSO utilizes AI and machine learning to help verify a candidate's career history data in real time and to provide 100% reliable data.


Without good clean career data, hiring decision-making becomes cloudy and highly likely to be inaccurate.

Recruiter's Book of Secrets

Recruiter Sign Up On IMPRESSO


Recruiter Sign Up On IMPRESSO
Recruiter Sign Up On IMPRESSO


Recruiter Sign Up On IMPRESSO


View Request


Career History


Career Information


CV / Resume

The Book of Secrets allows the recruiter to always have access to the latest career information.
Recruiters can now make decisions to shortlist and employ candidates faster.



Hoi Ling Sim, Designer

Designed for recruiters to have easy access to verified information before the interview. Better quality and a more accurate job match.

Nigel Gopez, Developer

Looking for a new job is not only about skills and who you know. But how you can share this with the right people in a company.

Stark Liew, Hacker

Professional networking just got safer. Share and unshare at anytime and to whom I want. I don't get spam and no fake profiles.

" IMPRESSO accelerating career growth for fresh graduates and professional women. "


Reference Check

Save and secure all your references each time you change jobs or move to a new company, with just a simple invite.

Blockchain Safe

Your data belongs to you. You control who has access and when to remove access. Get rewarded when you share your information.

IMPRESSO Verified Profile

Verified Salary

Share with privacy included.

Now you can share confidential career information without having to make copies.

Work History

Showcase a genuine career history. Receive better connections, job offers while being safe from privacy abuse. No spam and no fakes.

Cafe Interior

Validation Library

Securely save all your career references.
All your career history in your pocket.

IMPRESSO verified profile

Job Seeker

( PAUL )

IMPRESSO verification library
IMPRESSO verification library
Download IMPRESSO on Apple Store
IMPRESSO verified referee


( ANA )

IMPRESSO verification library
IMPRESSO verification library
Download IMPRESSO on Google Play Store

Blockchain Technology

Career Profile and History Protected.

Get your Professional Identity today in Web 3.
NFT your profile today and get noticed, found and hired faster.



Be part of the future. How we store and access information is constantly evolving.

Shift of Liability

Improve the management and legal aspects of data privacy and confidentiality.


Stand out from others. Showcase only valuable and higher quality candidates.

Future of Work

The recruitment and HR industry is predicted to evolve a lot more than previous years.

* We take each application seriously unfortunately there are a limited number of node seats. Available seats are defined by region. What is a node?

Join The Recruiter's Node

For tech-savvy recruiters that showcase real professionals

Cafe Interior
Frame 1148.png

Soft Skills

Helps companies build an effective and collaborative workforce.

Cognitive Skills

Identifies the right jobs and projects most suitable for candidates.



Improves employer engagement with employees.


This improves adding trust and quality for your company.


increase your customer branding with authentication.


Teamwork becomes easier with people you trust.

With verified career information job matching with the right candidates achieves a high quality at a faster rate. Reducing wrong hires and attrition for hiring managers.


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What They Say About Us

“ Game changing blockchain DAPP that will revolutionize the way people find jobs. Making recruitment safer with premium quality. ”

Sam Lim
Crypto Investor

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