Impresso Labs

Impresso Labs is an engineering solutions company focused on new technologies and applications. IMPRESSO is the brand name for the new mobile application that uses authentic and validated online information to serve the Professional Networking/Dating and Recruitment market.

Impresso Labs is located in Switzerland and Malaysia with engineering currently based in the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne.


EPFL is a highly globally recognised high tech university based in Lausanne, Switzerland. The EPFL Innovation Park is integrated into the core of a scientific community made up of 329 laboratories and more than 10’000 students. More info here.


Our Mission Today

To launch the first Professional Networking/Dating application that only allows validated Profiles/Users to utilise it’s features.


The Future

In our vision we see that emerging technologies like blockchain and the next generation of artificial intelligence (AI) will increase control, transparency, and verifiability that employers and recruiters need to make good hiring decisions - and one that also addresses concerns in online Profiles and CV/Resume data credibility, privacy and security.

We also believe that DApps (decentralized applications) although not visibly apparent today will soon be a common day product. And through a credit/token economics with direct user ownership of validated data will allow job seeking and professional networking to be a monetizing activity. Through the balance of how monetary credits are distributed within the ecosystem provides the added balance for user growth in a space of validated job hunting and professional networking.


The IMPRESSO App is naturally simplistic yet unique as it allows for users to validate their online profile and references.

Authentic users will have access to other validated user profiles for a more secure and trust friendly professional networking. And with IMPRESSO's unique architecture, there is no messaging required, no swiping and no spamming to utilize the full potential of the App.  In the not so distance future users will be able to showcase to recruiters and potential employers their validated information (a.k.a Career Ledger) for career growth opportunities.
As all the data of the user belongs to the user, the App provides monetization features for the users each time the user accepts a networking connection.
Companies using AI technologies to screen and shortlist candidates need good and clean data to find the best job to candidate fit. IMPRESSO is here to provide this service in the near future.
Although the App will not yet be a decentralized application, users can already start receiving XIM credits and using them within the platform.



We provide authentic Profiles and References for the Professional Networking/Dating and Recruitment industry.

Target Audience

Graduating Students and Active Job Seekers.

Value Networks

Career & Networking platforms, Job boards.

Revenue model

We take a commission from the transactions between users and validation request.