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IMPRESSO helps businesses engage directly with validated professionals and with communities that value online security, data integrity and privacy.

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" IMPRESSO not only validates people's IDs but their professional information too. "

Combining human interventions with Ai, IMPRESSO provides access to validated age, work dates, certificates, recommendations and even salaries. All AUTHENTIC DATA.

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The First Mobile Notary

Your Personal Data More Valuable Than Gold


Made in Switzerland

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IMPRESSO ¦ Icons Mind - Pixel perfect




IMPRESSO Community ¦ Job Seekers


“ IMPRESSO helps accelerate job applications and gets you started on your new career faster. "

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“ You would love being on IMPRESSO. Finally getting to trust the people you see online . And only people that you wish to know see's your  info "

Earn Tokens While Swiping

IMPRESSO let users earn credits when they exchange or promote their personal data.

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Making Real Online Personal Data Valuable & Available.

Improving business security and flexibility with direct access to verified personal data on demand.

And adding simplicity and convenience in compliance to legal and regulatory requirements.


High Quality Professional Data

AcceAAccess to validated career dates. And latest valid  references without needing to contact the referee.


Age Verification Without Losing Privacy

acdfdfdsMaking it easy for clients and new customers to validate their age without disclosing their personal privacy.

Pin Point Accuracy To Customer Personas

yxyxCreating direct marketing opportunities for sales and marketing.

Access To Real Time Valid Data

yxyxIMPRESSO keeps personal data of your customers fresh and updated with the latest validity.


IMPRESSO makes being online safer with added personal data security.

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IMPRESSO Community ¦ About Digital Identity Verification


Proving our identity or something about ourselves often remains difficult, time-consuming and repetitive. IMPRESSO makes being online safer by allowing you to identify who is real online and if the information they are sharing is indeed true.

For businesses, IMPRESSO improves business efficiencies and effectiveness in the use of valid personal data, including age requirement access for sensitive or adult content and so much more.

And for individuals, IMPRESSO helps professionals online actively dating, career hunting, business networking or social media.

IMPRESSO is the first in the world helping companies and individuals together to validate their professional data making it accessible online and on-demand.


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