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Fast Track Your Hiring Process Through The Verification Of Career History.

Verification as a Service
( VaaS )

IMPRESSO provides access to verified professional data for recruitment and business networking.

IMPRESSO verifies career professionals and matches them to similar professionals in a face to face business environment and if you are looking for a new job we verify your career history and connect you to local recruiters.

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IMPRESSO Community ¦ Job Interview
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Certify Your ​Work Dates, References, Certificates and Salary

All your professional information in one place that truly belongs to you.

"Secure - Private - Confidential"

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The First Mobile Notary

Your Personal Data More Valuable Than Gold


Made in Switzerland

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Our Achievements


IMPRESSO performs verifications across over 150 countries.


IMPRESSO launches new blockchain tokens aka ESSO. Soon on all major token exchanges.


The 1st Career App that allows users to earn digital tokens by sharing their valid data.

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IMPRESSO's verification algorithm is  in patent pending processing.

IMPRESSO Community ¦ Job Seekers

“ IMPRESSO helps fast track my recruitment cycle through the verification of my career history. "

IMPRESSO Community ¦ Using Dating Apps

“ IMPRESSO connects me to verified real professionals that can help me with my career growth "

Earn IMPRESSO Tokens While Career hunting and Networking

IMPRESSO let users earn credits (ESSO) when they exchange or promote their personal data.

Making Real Online Personal Data Valuable & Available.

Improving business security and flexibility with direct access to verified professional data on demand.

And adding simplicity and convenience in compliance to legal and regulatory requirements.

An IMPRESSO profile is being build on the principles of the CIA Triad.
( Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability )

Moving People

Verified Career History Made For Recruiters


Age Verification Without Losing Privacy

Live Location Of Professionals Actively Looking For Career Growth

Live Updates To Career  History

Reinventing Your Online Profile

Making being online safer and more effective while still protecting your personal and professional information. With state of the art blockchain technology your information is trusted, secure, private and confidential.


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IMPRESSO Community ¦ About Digital Identity Verification


Proving our identity or something about ourselves often remains difficult, time-consuming and repetitive.


IMPRESSO makes being online safer by allowing you to identify who is real online and if their career information they are sharing is indeed true.


IMPRESSO helps recruiters shortlist their candidates faster through the verification of work dates, salary, references and certificates. IMPRESSO helps active professionals looking for jobs and professional business or social dating.


​IMPRESSO is the first in the world helping businesses and professionals simultaneously, making verified professional data accessible like a 24/7 mobile notary.

​IMPRESSO uses blockchain technologies to secure verification status and utilises token economics to keep the verified network cost effective and scalable.