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Although we love coffee, we are not a coffee shop.


The IMPRESSO - Your Career NFT

"Your gateway to meaningful, face-to-face professional connections. Whether you're an emerging graduate or an industry veteran, we bridge the gap. Engage in real interactions, unlock unique opportunities, and accelerate your career. Don't just network—Be IMPRESSO."

IMPRESSO is not only about coffee meetups with the professional community, it`s about your Professional Persona.


"IMPRESSO provides a secure and empowering platform for professional women to expand their network effectively."

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Samantha Lim

Image by Joshua Hoehne

"Emerging graduates often face the challenge of having fewer professional connections."


Hoi Ling
Co-founder and CDO

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Real Professionals

Receive crypto each time you meet up or validate.

ESSO is a utility token for career validation and privacy sharing.

MOCA tokens for your daily career networking.

Image by Asael Peña

For Recruiters

One Single Platform Made From Trust

Fast tracking career growth and hiring for professionals and recruiters through the automation of CV verification.


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IMPRESSO supports the UN SDG in Productive Employment.

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